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Dolphin Fence Corp guarantees against defective workmanship for a period of 1 year from initial installation date. All materials are warrantied by the manufacturer and all work to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices by Dolphin Fence Corp. Any left over or excess material is the sole property of Dolphin Fence Corp.

Please read each line item carefully and initial next to each one. Once complete please sign at the bottom agreeing to the terms of the contract

__________Customer agrees that failure to pay in accordance with the terms of this contract will void the warranty and will incur a $25 per day late fee.

__________Customer agrees that any delays or install date cancellations may result in a rescheduling trip charge of up to $300.

__________Customer agrees to clear any and all obstructions on the path where the fence will be installed (minimum 2 ft of clearance on each side of the fence). All stumps, root balls and curbing must be completely removed prior to the beginning of the installation. Dolphin Fence Corp will not remove any fences that have vegetation, roots or trees growing through them. Fences that have vegetation growing through them must be removed by the customer prior to installation.

__________Customer agrees that any alterations, deviations or changes from the specifications on your invoice (for example: location of gates, number of gates, location of fence, type of fence…etc) after signing this contract will incur change order fees, permit revision fees and in most cases additional restocking fees.

__________Customer understands and agrees that Dolphin Fence Corp is NOT responsible for damaged sprinkler lines and/or any unseen underground cables, wires, Pipes…etc.

__________Customer understands and agrees that any and all dirt dug up during installation must stay on the property. Left over dirt will be leveled in the area it was dug. Installation of a fence can cause damage to sod in and around the surrounding
areas. The extent of the damage can vary based on multiple factors. Dolphin Fence Corp is not responsible in any way for the condition of the following but not limited to sod, shrubs, landscaping, plants, flower beds, decorative rocks, curbing, pavers, slabs…etc prior to or after the installation of any products we offer.

__________Customer understands and agrees that If for any reason the City or County requires a new survey done for permitting or for inspection purposes it will be the responsibility of the customer to have a new survey done.

__________Customer agrees that cancellation of this contract will result in cancellation fees, restocking fees and permit cancellation fees. Cancellation of custom orders will result in a complete deduction of material costs plus additional restocking fees.

__________Customer understands and agrees that in the event the installation of your fence is prolonged due to hard digging caused by but not limited to rocks, roots, old footers, construction debris…etc there may be an added cost for but not limited to tool rentals, dumpster fees, added labor and any other unexpected cost.

__________Customer understands and agrees that acceptance of this contract constitutes an invoice and payable upon completion and passed inspection. In the event it becomes necessary to place the account with an attorney for collection, the customer agrees to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys fees, late fees and any other damages caused to Dolphin Fence Corp.

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