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We offer premier fence services for properties in Florida and surrounding areas. Request a callback today to get your professional fence installation by a State Certified Fence Company: CRC1330672


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    Vinyl Fence Companies Near Me in Florida

    Dolphin Fence Corp is a Florida-based fence contractor specializing in installation, replacement, and repair services. As one of the leading fencing companies in the area, we are known for our selection of quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and reliable customer service. With years of experience in the business, Dolphin Fence Corp has provided fencing solutions to countless residential and commercial customers looking for a fence contractor in Cape Coral Florida as well as many other locations.

    We offer various fencing options to suit any purpose or budget. We have something for everyone, from wood fences to chain link fences to ornamental aluminum railings. We also specialize in custom designs for the ultimate in style and security. Our experienced team will work with you to create the perfect solution for your needs.

    At Dolphin Fence Corp, we are committed to providing professional fence installation and fence maintenance services at a reasonable price. We take pride in our attention to detail on every job site. Our experienced crews utilize specialized tools and techniques that meet or exceed industry standards and ensure a safe and secure working environment.

    Dolphin Fence Corp provides free estimates so you can better understand our fence installation services before committing to any project. We provide honest advice, helpful ideas, and all the information you need to make informed decisions about your project’s success. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed with every job we do – from start to finish!

    When it comes time for new fencing or repairs for your home or business, look no further than Dolphin Fence Corp located in Cape Coral FL! Our commitment to quality materials and superior craftsmanship make us the perfect choice for any fencing project in Lee County – big or small!

    Vinyl Fencing Services Offered By Dolphin Fence Corp

    Installation of vinyl fencing by experienced professionals

    Dolphin Fence Corp is experienced in the installation of vinyl fencing. For many property owners, vinyl fencing is the ideal way to provide added protection while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their residence or business. Our team of professional installers will work closely with you to select a style and color that best suits your needs.

    Vinyl fencing comes in various colors and styles, allowing us to tailor a unique look that complements your property’s existing architecture and landscaping. From classic white picket fences to ornate privacy designs, we can help you find the perfect fence. We also offer custom-built fences for those who require a more tailored solution.

    Our experience with vinyl fence installations means our clients can rest assured knowing their project will be done right—and on time! Premium warranties back our products, and experienced professionals conduct our installation services. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service every step of the way, from initial design through the completion of construction.

    Repair and maintenance services for existing vinyl fencing installations

    One of the benefits of vinyl fencing is its long-term durability, but no product lasts forever. At Dolphin Fence Corp, we offer repair and maintenance services for existing vinyl fence installations. From patching tiny holes to replacing entire sections of a damaged fence, our experienced team has the tools and know-how to handle any project.

    Our comprehensive repair services include assessment of the damage, removal, and disposal of old materials, and installing new components using only top quality products from leading suppliers – all backed by warranties. We also recommend regular maintenance to preserve the strength and appearance of your vinyl fencing over time. This includes using specific cleaning agents and periodic inspections to identify potential damage early on before it can become severe.

    No matter what type of project you’re looking for, our experienced staff has the right tools for the job. We offer professional-grade equipment such as saws, drills, sanders, and presses designed to handle tough jobs with precision and accuracy. Plus, we use safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, and masks to ensure everything is done correctly—and safely!

    We understand the importance of keeping your property looking great while preserving its security. That’s why at Dolphin Fence Corp, we strive to provide superior service for repair or maintenance work involving vinyl fences – whether it’s part of a larger installation or an existing one you already own. So let us help you keep your vinyl fencing solid and secure for years!

    Customized design options

    Dolphin Fence Corp proudly offers our clients custom-designed vinyl fence panel options. With our wide selection of styles and colors, we can help you create a unique look that is perfect for your property.

    At Dolphin Fence Corp, we understand that everyone wants their residence or business to stand out. That’s why we provide customized design options for vinyl fencing – allowing you to express your style while ensuring the security of your property. Our professional designers will work closely with you to develop a look that perfectly complements your architecture and landscaping.

    We also offer custom sizes and shapes, so no matter what size and shape lot you have, we can accommodate it. Plus, our experienced installers are available to ensure proper installation of every component—and can even assist with selecting additional features such as gates or lighting fixtures—to complete the look and ensure maximum security for your home or business.

    At Dolphin Fence Corp, we know the importance of creating lasting impressions through quality design. That’s why when it comes to vinyl fencing, our services go above and beyond just installation: We strive to create a look that suits each customer’s needs—while still meeting all safety requirements!


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    fence repair cape coral

    Benefits of Vinyl Fence for your property in Florida

    Vinyl fencing is a popular option for property owners looking to add security and value to their homes or business. As one of the most durable, low-maintenance fence materials, vinyl offers several advantages over traditional wood and metal fences.

    Vinyl fences are designed to last and provide an attractive solution that requires less maintenance than other materials. From classic white picket fences to ornate designs, homeowners can choose various styles and colors to match any décor or landscape. In addition, vinyl won’t rot or decay like wood so it will remain solid and secure for many years. Most manufacturers offer a long-term product warranty—an excellent investment for anyone seeking peace of mind.

    Vinyl panels are also straightforward to install – essential tools and some elbow grease are all needed! With minimal labor, installing a vinyl fence is often much faster than traditional wooden fencing projects. Plus, since most vinyl fences come preassembled with panels that slot into each other easily, there’s no need for complicated measurements or precise cutting!

    In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance, vinyl fencing can increase the value of your property while providing added privacy and security. However, when considering what kind of fence material will work best for your needs, it’s crucial to weigh the advantages of investing in vinyl first!

    Tips on Choosing a Vinyl Fencing Contractor

    • Ensure proper licensing and insurance coverage before hiring a contractor
    • Look for experience and references from previous customers
    • Ask about warranties, materials used, and replacement costs

    Finding the right contractor for a project can be daunting, but ensuring that your contractor is adequately licensed and insured is essential. At Dolphin Fence Corp, our team has the necessary licensing and insurance coverage to guarantee that your experience with us is of the highest quality.

    We understand that a lack of proper licensing or insurance coverage can negatively impact any project – financially and in terms of safety. That’s why we verify that our contractors have all the required licenses and valid insurance policies before they begin work.

    Our experienced staff also ensures that all projects are completed per local building codes and regulations—meaning you can rest assured that your project will be up to code. In addition, we ensure that all installation tools are certified safe by industry standards.

    At Dolphin Fence Corp, quality assurance is one of our top priorities; this includes taking the proper steps to ensure proper licensing and insurance coverage from all our contractors. We want our customers to feel secure knowing their investment is protected with us!

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    Vinyl Fence Services FAQ

    How long do vinyl fences last in Florida?

    The answer to this query can vary depending on several factors, but generally, a well-maintained vinyl fence can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years in the Sunshine State.

    The longevity of vinyl fences is largely due to the material’s inherent properties. Vinyl, also known as PVC, is a type of plastic that is highly resistant to the elements, including the intense sunlight, heavy rains, and high humidity commonly experienced in Florida. Unlike wooden fences, vinyl fences are not susceptible to rot, decay, or termite damage, and they do not rust like metal fences. This durability makes vinyl a long-lasting fence material choice suitable for Florida’s climate.

    However, the lifespan of a vinyl fence can be influenced by other factors as well. These include the quality of the installation, the thickness of the vinyl, and the level of maintenance the fence receives. An expert fence contractor can ensure proper installation and provide advice on maintaining your fence to maximize its lifespan. Regular cleaning and inspection are key to maintaining the appearance and structural integrity of your vinyl fence.

    Additionally, the color of the vinyl fence can also impact its longevity. Lighter colors tend to last longer in Florida’s sunny climate as they are less likely to absorb heat and warp compared to darker colors.

    With the right care and maintenance, a vinyl fence in Florida can provide privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal for decades. Always consult with a professional fence installation company to understand the best practices for maintaining your vinyl fence in the unique Florida climate.

    Can my Neighbour attach things to my side of the fence?

    depends on several factors, including the specifics of local regulations, the exact nature of the fence ownership, and the type of attachment in question.

    In many cases, if the fence is entirely on your property, it’s considered your property, and your neighbor does not have the legal right to attach anything to it without your permission. This includes items like hanging planters, decorative items, or other objects that could potentially damage the fence or affect its structural integrity. It’s always a good idea to have a conversation with your neighbor if you notice them attaching items to your fence.

    However, if the fence is a boundary fence (i.e., it sits directly on the property line between your and your neighbor’s properties), things can get a bit more complicated. In this case, both parties may share responsibility for the maintenance and usage of the fence. According to Florida’s fence laws, this often means that your neighbor may have some rights to use the fence as well. It’s best to discuss any concerns with your neighbor and reach an agreement that respects both parties’ rights.

    Finally, local ordinances or homeowner association (HOA) rules may also influence what can and can’t be done with fences in your area. In Florida, different municipalities and HOAs might have different regulations. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check these rules or consult with a local property lawyer if you’re unsure.

    To sum up, while there may be general guidelines, the question of whether your neighbor can attach things to your side of the fence in Florida depends on the specific circumstances. Open communication with your neighbor, understanding local laws, and possible consultation with a legal professional can help navigate this situation effectively.

    What to do with vinyl fence during hurricane?

    When a hurricane is approaching, it’s important to take extra precautions with your vinyl fence. In Cape Coral, Florida, there are several steps you can take to ensure your vinyl fence remains undamaged during extreme weather conditions.

    First and foremost, be sure to anchor your posts firmly in the ground. If the posts aren’t properly secured, strong winds could cause them to shift or even become uprooted entirely. It’s also advisable to reinforce existing post anchors if needed; this may involve spraying concrete over existing anchors or adding additional weight underneath them.

    Secondarily, inspect all components of the fencing including rails and pickets for any signs of damage that may have occurred prior to the storm hitting. Replace broken parts as necessary and make sure joints between rails and pickets are secure so they don’t move when exposed to high winds.

    Thirdly, remove any decorative materials such as planters or trellises from around the perimeter of the fence before a hurricane hits; these items can easily become airborne projectiles in high winds and pose risks both for nearby people as well other property near your home.

    Finally install temporary shuttering on either side of each section of vinyl fencing facing into strong wind gusts—this will help reduce movement from being pushed outwards by heavy gusts while providing additional stability against forceful winds coming from different directions too!

    Why is my vinyl fence leaning?

    If your vinyl fence is leaning in Cape Coral, Florida, it may be caused by a number of underlying issues.

    The most common reason for a leaning vinyl fence is that the posts used to hold it up have become imbalanced or are not set properly into the soil. This can happen if the hole initially dug to receive each post was either too shallow or too wide, allowing the posts to slowly lean over time. It can also occur when posts are installed unevenly or with different tensions on either side of the panel.

    Another factor that could be causing your fence to lean is insufficient ground moisture around the base of each post. The roots of certain grasses and flowers can spread beneath fences and eventually push them off-balance due to their expanding size and roots drawing moisture from beneath a comparatively dryer wooden structure above ground level like your vinyl fence. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to maintain healthy vegetation around each post — both by watering and proper trimming near its base — so as not allow tree root systems or large plants nearby take hold beneath your vinyl fence’s foundation.

    Unfortunately, in some cases you may find that it isn’t possible to correct an existing leaning issue without removing a few panels first; but doing so will give you a visible indication as to why exactly your fencing has become lopsided in the first place and what needs fixing – whether simply resetting its posts slightly down further into deeper holes filled with cement mix or further protection against expanding organic material below ground level etc.. Therefore should you wish for professional help please don’t hesitate in calling upon our free estimate service today!

    Do vinyl fences hold up in Florida?

    Yes, vinyl fences are an excellent choice for holding up in Florida’s harsh environment. They’re designed to withstand high winds, hurricanes, and heavy rains, making them one of the best investments you can make when it comes to fencing materials in this part of the country. And since they are made out of strong vinyl plastic material that won’t rot or chip away like a wooden fence would, these fences can easily last a lifetime without having to replace or repair them.

    When it comes specifically to Cape Coral Florida and vinyl fences, they hold up extremely well due to their weather-resistant construction. This type of fence is also highly customizable with many colors and styles available, allowing you to choose a look that will fit your home’s aesthetic. As long as the initial installation was done correctly and all parts have withstood wear-and-tear over time (which is true for any kind of wall), then there shouldn’t be any issues with your fence lasting for years if not decades into the future.

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